United Kingdom: Portsmouth welcomes the Viking Venus cruise ship in anticipation of her baptism

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The Portsmouth Port It was the inaugural landing site for Viking Venus The newest addition to the Viking luxury cruise line fleet.

This new ship is located in the United Kingdom, where it will be officially named May 17 Godmother, journalist and broadcaster Anne Diamond.

The ship will then sail on spring and summer voyages beginning May 22, using Portsmouth as its main port for its initial five voyages aboard the ship. itinerario Scenic Shores de Viking’s England.

Mike Sellers, Director of Portsmouth International Port, “We are honored to host the world debut of the Viking Venus, as the cruise line resumes operations and domestic passenger travel begins,” he stated.

Vendors said, “The cruises from Portsmouth are cruises across the UK and we have comprehensive plans to keep employees, passengers and the community safe, as per the UK’s cargo room framework for cruise operations.”

Those sailing on these new cruises will experience the Viking Health and Safety program.

Building on scientific research, the Viking Health and Safety program has been developed in partnership with an international team of medical advisors, including: Raquel C. Bono, MD, Director of Viking Health.

With an extensive laboratory installed on all Viking cruise ships, all guests and crew will receive frequent, fast and easy PCR tests.

A new air purification technology has also been installed on all Viking ships, which always feature separate air handling units for all guest cabins. Additional health checks and physical distancing measures will provide additional protection for Viking guests and crew at all points of the itinerary.

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