United Kingdom: Portsmouth International Port switches to solar energy

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The latest solar and battery systems have been installed in the area Portsmouth harbour It passed a final milestone and is now fully operational.

Managed by Portsmouth City Council’s Inland Energy Services and Building Services teams Installed by Custom Solar With the help of engineers at the port, the project began with the installation of roof-mounted solar panels in several buildings, large battery storage and the first canopy solar module in one UK ports.

The final part of the project was completed in July 2023, where improved connectivity to the national grid has enabled the full potential of the 1.2 MW peak system to be realized.

This system, made up of 2,660 solar panels, provides 35% of the site’s electricity. With this, the council-owned Portsmouth International Port is one step closer to becoming one of the first carbon-neutral ports in the UK.

The solar system is complemented by an on-site battery with a capacity of 1.3 MWh, which can power a typical home for four months. It captures renewable energy, which would otherwise be exported to the local power grid, and redirects it to the port buildings when needed.

The new battery and solar system work in tandem, providing balancing services to the national grid and energy storage during periods of low prices.

Cllr Kimberly Barrett, Cabinet Member on Climate Change and the Environment for Portsmouth City Council, He said: “It’s fantastic to see this project in action and using greener energy to power such a large part of Portsmouth. This will reduce carbon emissions by 239 tonnes, which is a huge step in the right direction towards our 2030 carbon emission target “.

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