United Kingdom: Medical staff call off strike after receiving offer

Nurses and ambulance workers and other employees UK health care system (NHS) announced on Thursday Temporary suspension of strikes In the sector to evaluate an offer made by the government.

The proposal includes an additional payment during the fiscal year 2022-2023 between 1,655 pounds (1,880 euros) and 3,789 pounds (4,319 euros). Depending on the scale of the business, salaries will increase by 5% in 2023-2024, according to Unison.

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the Unions representing workers in the sector will consult their members Over the next few weeks before judging the offer to the general secretary of Royal College of Nursing, Pat CullenIt’s not a panacea, but real, tangible progress.

After months of strikes between toilets, which coincided with protests before Railway workers, postmen, customs agents and other professionals, British Prime Minister Rishi SunakToday, he is “very pleased” with the step taken to resolve the labor dispute.

“This is correct Rewarding hardworking NHS workers who have shown courage And dedication during the pandemic and continuing to make tremendous progress in reducing waiting lists.”

In a joint statement, the Government and NHS Staff Council“Both sides believe that (the offer) represents a fair and reasonable agreement that recognizes the dedication of public health staff, taking into account the economic pressures facing the UK,” he noted, in which union representatives are involved.

but, Sharon Graham, General Secretary of the Unite Federation, One of the country’s largest, it asserted, “The government’s offer is not one that Unite can recommend to its members.”

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Still, “It’s important The members make the final decisionThe administration will support the outcome of the vote.

Royal College of NursingThe union representing the nurses, for its part, indicated that its members “will have a say” in the offer and that the organization will “respect everyone’s point of view”.

Health Secretary Steve Barclay For its part, it declared that the government had “listened to the concerns of the trade unions” and had held “important talks” with them, “in which both parties participated constructively”.

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