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The event took place in Scotland, UK. Image: LR Composition / Daily Star / Publish / Reference

Stacy Boss32, a woman from Glasgow, Scotland, UK, thought she had a minor bruise on her toenail, but after advice from a manicurist, Find out it’s cancer.

“I knew nothing about what melanoma in the nail bed could look like. It was amazing.” His boss said so It had some kind of scratch in it, as if someone had marked the nail with a penand at first did not give it much importance.

After the warning, the woman visited a primary care physician before being referred to a dermatologist, who diagnosed her with the infection Sublingual melanomaA type of skin cancer found under the nail.

UK: “It was as if someone had marked my nails from cuticle to tip”

This type of condition can be treated when caught early, however It can be fatal If diagnosed late, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association.

According to the association, skin cancer It often appears as a dark line on the nail or when it suddenly splits or rises. Sometimes also in the form of a lump on the finger.

Stacy Boss, 32, thought she only had a bruise. Photo: Daily Star

“It was like a line. It was as if someone had marked my nails with permanent marker from cuticle to tip,” Boss described the aforementioned medium.

“It was thin and thin and almost someone had left an imprint on it. In the end it looked like a smiley face because of the shadow of the line, the indentation, the way the skin grew.”

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In March this year, the woman They removed the nail and part of the bone. He also underwent a biopsy of the nail bed. She is now running more tests to ensure the melanoma has not spread to other parts of her body, such as the lymph nodes.

“I had anxiety, my whole body was shifting, the line never went away, it was always there,” Bos recalls.

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