United kingdom. Gibraltar welcomes the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales on its first visit to a port outside the UK

Madrid, 6 July. (European Press) –

Gibraltar welcomed the aircraft carrier “HMS Prince of Wales”, on Tuesday, on its first visit to a port outside the United Kingdom, in a short logistical pause in its operations, which will continue until July 10.

According to the government of Gibraltar, the aircraft carrier, based in Portsmouth, has completed an “extensive” testing and training period off the southern coast of England, after some updates and improvements the ship received during 2020.

In addition, the ship first met at sea with its twin aircraft carrier, “HMS Queen Elizabeth”, and was able to operate with the latest generation F35 Lightning 2 fighter aircraft.

In this way, these aircraft carriers were able to make a “significant” contribution to the defense of NATO along with the UK’s warships, submarines, helicopters and F-35s.

In connection with the period when “HMS Prince of Wales” conducted various tests, they noted many milestones that occurred thanks to which it was able to “progress towards full operation” as an aircraft carrier. Among them, they included the “Long Ascent” of various aircraft squadrons, such as the 656th Squadron of the Military Air Force and the “Wildcat of the Naval Air Squadron 825” naval attack helicopters.

Similarly, the Royal Navy has asserted that it is “working” to train new personnel for air operations in much the same way as it “innovates” its veterans.

In this sense, the captain of the ‘HMS Prince of Wales’, Captain Darren Houston, stated that the visit to Gibraltar was “particularly moving,” as he would hand command of the ship to a “new captain,” Captain Stephen Higham.

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