Unidentified flying objects captured in the skies of Great Britain

The phenomenon UFO It gained importance from statements made under oath in Congress United Stateof the retired soldiers who mentioned that The government has extraterrestrial ships in its possession. But it's not the only place in the world where they've been seen Unidentified flying objects.

The last sighting occurred on July 31 Britainwhen a motorist recorded the overcast skies with his cell phone when he noticed a presence A “fleet” of lights Which flew in a synchronized manner a few meters from the road.

The original man United kingdom He shared his discovery on social media, where it quickly went viral. In the pictures you can see 8 bright spots form an almost perfect circle.

The recording caught the attention of Internet users, but the British authorities did not comment on the matter. Some users assumed the government had something to do with the case.

One tweeter commented: “It's flying too low to be a real ship. The government must be involved in a fake UFO.”

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In the same country, but in its territory I will seeA strange formation was captured in the sky. The aforementioned contact was recorded on August 29, 2022 in a mountainous area.

On that occasion, a type of rectangular cloud was recorded that remained motionless in contrast to the one that surrounded it. People who saw the post immediately linked it to the movie nofrom the director Jordan Peelewhich revolves around a similar alien encounter.

United State It is the country with the largest number of reports of flying objects, followed by United kingdomAccording to a media study ESRI who analyzed records from 1906 to 2014.

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