Uniatlántico will replicate the Cuban model of education in the health sciences

The progress the Cuban government has made in matters Health sciences It is a big draw to the Atlantic because of the extensive experience in public colleges that the Central American island has.

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This is what he confirmed Governor Eduardo Verano, after his meeting with Cuban Ambassador Javier Caamaño in Cairo, With which it seeks to strengthen international cooperation relations.

One of Governor Verano's priority topics is the establishment of the College of Health Sciences at the university atlantic university, Since there are six private colleges in Barranquilla, low-income youth cannot access this program.

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“We are creating the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Atlantico and what we want is to have a medicine program and for it to be general, and obviously they have made very great progress and there can be exchange. There are many opportunities for joint work between us and the Cuban government,” Verano said. .

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The head of the department added that the most important thing is the desire to establish a very close relationship between the ministry and the Cuban government in the future for several reasons: cultural exchange, education, sports and the strengthening of bilateral relations.

He said: “What the visit does is open the doors, resume the agenda, and clearly build a process that depends on culture, sports, and many other processes that are important to us.”

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On the other hand, Cuban Ambassador Javier Caamaño Cairo expressed that this session is being held to study the possibilities of expanding bilateral relations between the two countries, and in this case between Atlantico and the island.

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“We have identified, says Governor Verano, some areas that have common agreement, such as culture and the medicine program. The idea is that of all the expertise that Cuba has, they can replicate it in Barranquilla and use what they need most and that is appropriate. There is “A very beautiful relationship between the two governments and has achieved remarkable results.”

The Ambassador invited the Governor of Atlantico to attend the next edition of the magazine The book fair, which will be held in Cuba from February 15 to 25an event that welcomes readers, authors, editors, librarians, and celebrities to the 32nd edition Havana International Book Fair.

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