unexpected? Ed Sheeran’s reaction to being confused with a famous actor

Spain. – Fame Ed Sheeran He knows no boundaries and is expanding beyond the UK, as he is now promoting his new song”bad habitsHe was a guest on the live show of a famous influencer. Internet celebrities ebay janus He was recently shown on a radio show in which he admitted that he thinks he is a famous actor.

In a moment of confession, Janos revealed that even before a while he believed that the British singer and actor Rupert Grint (who played Ron Weasley in “Harry Potter”) They were the same person. “I thought Ron was Ed Sheeran. Six or seven years ago, I told a friend, ‘Yeah, it’s Ron Weasley, who loves music now,'” he told the camera amid the singer’s laughter.

for this part, The translator From songs like “Perfect” or “Shape of You” he admitted to having a resemblance to his friend Rupert Grint to the point where he made a guest in one of his videos to confuse his followers. All this happened in the clip “Lego House”, where Ed recruited the actor, although it was not an easy task to do.

He admitted “I’ve never really liked being in my music videos and I’m only out now because they tend to get more views if I’m doing something in them” Ed Sheeran At some point in the interview. As he said, he always loved the idea of ​​having Rupert Grint in the videos, and it was something he was able to achieve from the start, until he achieved it with the help of Tom Felton, another actor in the series.”Harry Potter“.

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“For the first four years, five singles from my first album were not in the videos. I’ve always said I’d like Rupert Grint to play me in a music video and that was impossible until Tom Felton followed me on Twitter and tweeted my video,” he commented. In addition, he admitted that he was more than once confused on the street with the representative of the successful magical epic.

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