UNEV invites interested parties to participate in the PhD in Agricultural Sciences

the National Evangelical University (UNEV) Urging those interested to participate in the PhD program in agricultural technical sciences.

He said that the purpose of this Ph.D. is to train research with high added value in the field of research and teaching, as well as developing skills to manage technological projects in all fields. sectors of the economy.

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This major focuses specifically on agricultural mechatronics and robotics (agrobotics), bioeconomy models of agro-ecosystems, management of agro-industries of key national elements, and application of bio-engineering to improve new technological solutions in agro-ecological models. Circular economy The country that uses artificial intelligence to support agricultural, agricultural and agro-industrial production systems.

He added that it is supported by the 4.0 agriculture model, from an agricultural environmental perspective, whether from organic farming, biodynamics, renewable agriculture or any other agriculture or animal production method that respects the environment, animals and humans.

UNEV said that those interested in a Ph.D Agricultural technical sciences You may contact this Academic Center at (809) 221-6786/6787, or by electronic means at www.unev.edu.do and by [email protected]. It is headquartered at Calle Paseo de los Periodistas 54, Ens. Miraflores from the capital.

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