UNESCO designates Santiago de Cuba as the Creative City of Music

The news spread like wildfire and on the streets of Santiago many are talking about the state of the Creative City in Music, awarded today by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Tras años de labor conjunta de instituciones y el gobierno local en la conformación del expediente que ilustra los valores y riqueza de Santiago de Cuba en esa manifestación, los artists y pueblo en general disfrutan el júbilo porón list en su de inclus 2 the scientist.

We are already a musical city! Composer Rudolf Vaillant shrieked when he learned of the announcement that, not because he had expected, he had stopped surprising everyone at the Esteban Salas Conservatory, a center of artistic education, which in the day has taken teaching face to face over the years. and professions.

With this title, UNESCO records the merits of a city in which music reached an amazing and profound development, which allowed it to rock such rocks as trova, son, bolero and conga, as well as to place extraordinary advocates in foreign scenes.

For Fernando Dewar, Director of Septeto Santiaguero, the clause constitutes an award for the city and the country, especially for those who defend the son in and from Santiago de Cuba, and through his outstanding work he earned two Latin Grammys in 2015 and 2018 respectively.

ACN exclusively considered the manifesto to pay homage to the musical history of this debut, which has been marked by personalities of the stature of Pepe Sanchez, Miguel Matamoros, Nico Saquito, Francisco Rebellado “Compay Segundo”, Pacho Alonso, Enrique Bon, Electo Silva and Eduardo “Tiburon” Morales.

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According to Dewar, international recognition values ​​the cultural background that nurtures Santiago de Cuba and its people, who take music as an essential component of their existence and build around it important professional and life projects.

Prior to the UNESCO declaration, the southeastern city became the first in the world with the quality of reference for Ibero-America, an honor awarded by the Latin Conservatory of Music last July, on the occasion of the city’s 506th anniversary. .

To celebrate the news, the government and cultural authorities are planning an extensive program of activities that includes trade fairs for musical products, residencies at sector facilities and live presentations by emblematic groups.

Concluded the day before the 34th International Festival of Choir “Electo Silva in Memoriam”, one of the most popular events in this cultural arena is Santiago de Cuba and also confirms that it is a creative city in music.

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