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Not noticing when your neighbors are Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia is an achievement and a respite for the international community. However, it was a short time Jordan Don’t become another powder keg in the Middle East for what King Abdullah II He called it “sedition.” On Saturday the news of a news Prince Hamzah’s alleged plot against the kingWho is her sister. They are both sons of King Hussein, but from different marriages. For a long time, the rights to the throne and to the throne were in dispute, they say, it still smells fresh because the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has only 75 years of history.

To understand this, you need to go back in time First World War. Then the great European powers fought over the lands of the Middle East and tried to weaken the Ottoman Empire, which was controlling that region. The subject will be familiar to anyone who has seen the popular movie “Lawrence of Arabia”. He was responsible for helping the Arab peoples rise up against the Ottomans. The British promise was that once the conflict ended they could build a future in freedom without submitting to foreign controls, but it is already known that the winds blow on words, and more so in the desert. At the moment of truth, France and the United Kingdom divided the territories of Palestine and TransjordanThat is, the area behind the Jordan River that did not satisfy the indigenous people and rebelled.

When the English saw that the play was not continued, they showed, once again, their skills in international politics and creation The Emirate of Transjordan. They demarcated their lands with borders and gave them the necessary symbols to obtain an identity: the flag, capital and emir of the Hashemite dynasty, which was the most influential in the region and above all has been preserved. Good harmony with London guarding his movements.

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When the Emirate of Transjordan finally became independent in 1946, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan became Prince Abdullah I a king. Five years later, in 1951, he was assassinated during a visit to Jerusalem while attending the funeral of a former Lebanese prime minister, who was killed four days earlier. It appears that both could have been eliminated when trying to negotiate peace treaties with Israel.

Abdullah I was succeeded by his named heir Talal. Due to his mental health problems, after two years he was forced to abdicate in favor of his son Hussain. He was crowned at the age of 16 and remained in power until his death in 1999 when he was 63 years old. He married four times and has 12 children. The only virgin males are from the second and fourth marriages. Now in theory His brother Hassan had to succeed him, But shortly before death He changed the law until his son Abdullah II was crowned. Then Hamza He was only 19 years old and second in a succession streak. However, the new king, as did his father, Replaced in favor of his sonOfficially Designated Crown Prince.

All of these family conflicts are framed in the context of the intense political volatility that characterizes the conflict in the region. Jordan cooperated with the United States in fighting ISISWhich made ISIS leaders point to Abdullah as one of the targets to be killed. At the same time, it was the Jordanian government Accused of corruption and persecution of internal opponents.

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This is the context in which it is Prince Hamzah’s arrest Last weekend, along with a number of other people, accused of preparing a plot to overthrow the king. The news has gone largely unnoticed internationally. Perhaps because the superpowers don’t want new sparks in the powder keg in the Middle East.

The friendly face of the country

Queen Rania played a major role in promoting Jordan’s public image. Her humanitarian work, in fields such as education and childcare, both locally and internationally, has allowed her to gain media space, especially in pink journalism, and is considered one of the 100 most influential women in the world.

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