Under increasing pressure from KLM, the ban was extended. finance

The entry ban does not apply to citizens born in the country or other residents of the European Union. The exception also applies to highly skilled immigrants, sailors, and medical personnel. The Cabinet maintains a chain of airlines when it comes to routes from South Africa and South America. It was like this for four months.

The KLM network came under pressure some time ago due to the flight ban. KLM continued to travel to India this week, including passengers and cargo en route. The airline responds that it will continue to carry passengers in exceptional classes and cargo.

Strong blows

“I find it bitter to extend the ban when OMT member Kupmans has pointed out the disagreements for a long time,” said Rainer Castlin, president of the Union de Uni.

KLM employees, in particular, have seen their salaries cut this month. The blow was severe. This cabinet policy will not help you recover. Not in the ability to generate income, not in motivation. “

Last week, RIVM did not initially consider a flight ban necessary because the double test prior to departure for the Netherlands was mandatory and advice on isolation. The double test was performed in January to avoid dangerous mutations.

Political pressure

It fell under air pressure after political pressure. The number of injuries caused by travel is less than 1%, with air transport accounting for half of it and 58% in the local environment.

Due to a previous ban on flights from the UK, it was possible to travel to the Netherlands by car, train, or other airport.

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Travel restrictions can be lifted if mandatory isolation is provided, but has been delayed for several months. It looks like it’s coming now, and this week the House of Representatives debated a unilateral duty.

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