UNAM. Graduated with a master’s degree from Stanford University; Looking to work at NASA?

Working in Container It is a dream that many have had since they were children, either to be astronauts or to create systems that bring us closer to other planets, as is the case with Jessica Leticia Gonzalez RoblesHe is a young graduate UNAMWho aspires to achieve this goal and is on the way to achieving it won a place in Stanford University to a Master’s degree in space sciences, Aeronautics and Astronautics

Since her childhood, Jessica dreamed of working for NASA, which led her to do so Study Physics at UNAM, What hasn’t been a path since its inception Easy, because when I found out about his family Tell him that he will have no future in that profession.

It was hard for her to hear those words, but He was very clear about what he wanted and decided to move onAnd She does her best to show that women can also work in science.

Today, her family is very proud, supports her in everything and is more interested in science than ever.

According to the Official Gazette, UNAM GlobalJessica recounted it He fell in love with physics since high school, because the world around him made him very curious and this topic settled those doubts.

For this reason, she decided to study at the Faculty of Science and today the young graduate considers her stay at UNAM to be very wealthy, and she loves her teachers and friends who have always supported her.

In this way, many doors were opened for him, professionally and personally, because even Attended an exchange in Germany, funded by a grant from FundaciĆ³n UNAM.

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Soon, she was selected to go to NASA on a student program, but unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic prevented her from taking advantage of this opportunity.

however, He had the opportunity to work at the University of Washington in Seattle on a propulsion system for reusable rockets that would be sent to the Moon and Mars.

In her master’s degree, Jessica will be able to research space systems and be interested in autonomous systems and propulsion systems, for example rockets, as well as Generate innovative technologies in the aerospace, energy and communications sectors.

In this profession, autonomous vehicles, such as driverless cars, satellites, geolocation systems, and GPS, can also be created for use on the moon, and even solar-powered or nuclear-powered missiles that are used for more exploration.

Currently, the UNAM graduate wants to use her residency at Stanford for an internship at NASA, which is fifteen minutes from where she will be studying starting in September.

However, to get there and fulfill your dreamsJessica needs $90,000 every year, a number she unfortunately doesn’t have He started a fundraising campaign to fund his master’s degree.

If you want to support it, you can donate through the following pages:





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