UNAM confirms the success of the Colmena deep space mission

After the difficulties that NASA's Peregrine spacecraftwhich is on board UNAM Colmina MissionHe had some problems landing on the moon and was unable to properly point toward the sun, jeopardizing the mission that represents the United States' attempt to return to the surface of the moon, this afternoon. Institute of Nuclear Sciences UNAM, Progress has been made in this regard.

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Through their social networks, The institute revealed good news about the status of the Colmena mission by confirming that it is successfully operating in deep space Despite the difficulties the ship faced.

The institution also specified this According to data revealed by Astrobotic Technology, of the ten charges scheduled to be launched for testing, Colmina was able to activate, establish communications and generate data.which is registered by the Mexico Control Center.

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The project consists of five small Mexican robots, Which are 12 cm in diameter and each weighs less than 60 grams.

Its mission is to deploy on the moon's surface and communicate electronically to assemble a panel that can generate power.

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