UN summons UK and Rwanda over controversial immigration deal

The United Kingdom and Rwanda were cited in Geneva for Controversial immigration deal.

This agreement will allow the British authorities Sending migrants arriving in the UK to Rwanda in order to process their asylum applications.

The document was severely criticized by the United Nations.

UN human rights and refugee agencies have warned that this measure is inconsistent with International Refugee Convention.

However, British Home Secretary Priti Patel defends her government’s position, claiming that last year more than 20,000 people. For her, this scale is a way to find “New and innovative solutions to global problems“.

Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Perrota said that “as soon as the UK is ready to send the first batch of asylum seekers, we will We will be ready to receive them__. We have put in place all the necessary mechanisms to process the asylum application process. We are also working on logistics.”

The meetings in Geneva come shortly Priti Patel traveled to Rwanda.

During this visit, the Minister signed the contract of this agreement and visited the facilities where migrants will be received.

But in the UK, those who are particularly interested in the development of this convention are Ukrainian refugeesThey fear how it might affect them.

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