UN Minister to speak at CARICOM conference in Suriname

According to his spokesperson’s office, in his opening remarks, the incumbent is expected to highlight the need to unite around bold solutions to climate change in the region.

The day before, the Portuguese diplomat arrived in Suriname and highlighted the work that the government and people of that country are doing to confront problems such as the impact of climate change as well as build a sustainable future.

Via his official Twitter account, the highest representative of the United Nations shared moments from his agenda on Saturday, including a press conference with the President of Suriname, Chan Santokhi, in which they laid out the challenges facing the Caribbean nations.

“Our world needs the political will and solidarity to make the difference. The Portuguese diplomat said in the meeting with the media that Suriname and the Caribbean are leading the way forward.”

With every hour of weather fluctuation, the pulse of the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is getting weaker and weaker, he said.

He also noted that Suriname is a leader in the protection of biodiversity, including the rehabilitation of mangrove forests and ecosystems that protect against harsh weather.

He stressed that the UN Secretary-General also met with representatives of indigenous peoples, a community that has not contributed to climate change, but is currently among the most affected.

Another meeting was held with members of agricultural cooperatives run by indigenous men and women with the support of the United Nations.

This Sunday, in addition to attending the CARICOM opening ceremony, Guterres is scheduled to meet with the President of Suriname and other high-ranking local authorities.

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