UN forms commission of inquiry into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The United Nations’ 47-member Human Rights Council overwhelmingly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and voted on Friday to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate violations of human rights and international humanitarian law as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted the resolution by 32 votes in favor, with 13 abstentions and two against. Only Russia and Eritrea voted “no” to condemn the invasion.

In a sign of how isolated Russia is, even powerful allies China, Cuba and Venezuela chose to abstain rather than side with Moscow in rejecting the resolution.

Although Belarus is not a member of the council, he has spoken in defense of his Russian ally. The chancellor of Belarus, Andrei Taranda, also used the occasion to dodge criticism against his country’s alliance with Moscow.

Several Western countries have condemned Belarus for supporting the aggression against Ukraine, she said. But let’s be honest with ourselves. Who is fanning the flames of the conflict in Ukraine? Unlike the sponsors of the resolution, Belarus does not send weapons or mercenaries to the conflict zone. “There are no Belarusian soldiers on Ukrainian soil,” Taranda said, speaking through an interpreter.

The claim that there are no Belarusian soldiers in Ukraine could not be independently confirmed. On the contrary, Taranda said, it was reported that Poland had already allowed 200 mercenaries to enter Ukraine, without citing evidence for this claim.

Belarus’ statement had little momentum in the council. Country after country from every region of the world – Europe, Africa, Asia, South America – has risen up to denounce Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

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Ambassador Sheba Crocker, the US representative to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, said Russia must be held accountable for its “foolish, deliberate and unprovoked” military attack on Ukraine.

“With the lives of millions of civilians, both Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian, at risk, as Russian forces open fire on the streets of Kyiv, drop bombs on apartment buildings in populated areas, while bombing kindergarten students in their schools, Russia must be held accountable to this council,” he said. Crocker.

The Human Rights Council resolution calls on the commission to investigate all alleged human rights violations and abuses resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, it instructs the Commission to collect, analyze and protect all evidence for use in any future legal proceedings that may result from it.

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