UMSNH takes the lead in providing tools to students of economics and management sciences


Morelia, Michoacán ( At the opening of the 14th International Conference on Accounting, Management, Marketing and Management Informatics, the Academic Secretary of the University of Michoacana of San Nicolas de Hidalgo (UMSNH), Jorge Fonseca Madrigal, noted that the professionalization of these issues is not just an aspiration but a need prevailing in the current scene.The complexity of business and the rapid evolution of technology require highly trained, ethical professionals committed to excellence.“.

Representing the University President, Yarabi Avila Gonzalez, he noted that the Faculty of Accounting and Administrative Sciences at UMSNH had taken over Command responsibility for this event, This reflects its commitment to quality education and preparing professionals who will make a difference at the national and international levels.

The official commented that the conference represents a joint effort to enhance academic excellence and encourage the exchange of knowledge on issues fundamental to the development of contemporary society, after noting that accounting, management, marketing, and administrative computing are basic areas of knowledge in the world. Of business and management.

They are disciplines that, when combined and developed effectively, can generate a real and positive impact on society.He said that this activity represents a platform for academic dialogue and cooperation between experts, academics and students, where the latest trends and developments in these topics will be explored.

“It is a valuable space to demonstrate that the economic, administrative, commercial and business fields can focus on solving problems that go beyond wealth creation, because they also aim to eradicate poverty and solve problems involving the primary sector.”

Fonseca Madrigal called on the audience to immerse themselves in discussions and search for innovative solutions, after noting that society depends on trained professionals who can confront current and future challenges in a comprehensive manner. “Every conversation and every presentation in these spaces can be the spark that ignites crucial scientific progress.“.

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For his part, Director of the College of Accounting and Administrative Sciences, Rigoberto Lopez Escalera, pointed out that: The event represents a unique platform for the convergence of expertsAcademics, professionals and students passionate about the fields of accounting, management, marketing and managerial computing.

He pointed out that the conference not only seeks to promote academic research and development, but also seeks to facilitate communications and transcend borders.We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and encourage the participation of speakers and attendees from around the world“.

He said that our goal is to bring together researchers, academics, businessmen, businesswomen, students and professionals to exchange their projects and experiences and discuss progress in science and technology, in addition to publishing the results of their theoretical and practical research.

Marco Valenzo Jiménez, President of the 14th Congress, shared that three major conferences and four face-to-face workshops will be held, explaining that a new record has been set for papers accepted with a total 273. He added that contributions had been received from Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador and Mexico 20 states in the Republic of Mexico, 63 universities and 16 colleges within UMSNH.

The ceremony was also attended by Scientific Research Coordinator Jesús Campos Garcia; General Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies Monica Fulgencio Juarez and Dr Omar Masera Cerruti, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize laureateAs part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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