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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday (02.22.2022) accused the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) of wanting to “end” Russia militarily, and reiterated all his support for the Eurasian state. with Ukraine.

“We have been watching with interest the events in Russia, in Ukraine, and now we are not only watching the development of the process whereby the North American Empire and NATO intend by military means to eliminate Russia, to stop Russia and to put an end to this multipolarity. The world has already become a reality,” the President said in an action It was broadcast by Venezuela State Television (VTV).

Maduro reiterated his “all support” to Russian President Vladimir Putin in defending “peace” in Russia, the region and his “people”.

“The Lugansk and Donetsk Territories took over the tasks of the people’s republics to defend themselves from the massacre in which the fascist sectors that seized power in Ukraine began to execute hunting men, women hunting, assaulting families, bombing with heavy weapons, and the conflict began. Very difficult. “

Maduro emphasized that in all “stages of the conflict” the diplomacy of the Russian president was always present, but that “the extreme right that won the governments of Ukraine has never been interested in resolving conflicts through dialogue, and has never” been interested in respecting Russia.

“They preferred to join the plans of aggression against Russia, and this is what is happening there, and President Putin was denouncing (…) that they intend to besiege Russia, directing all NATO weapons to Russia until the conditions arise at some point to attack and destroy Russia.”

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