UK will ask G7 to create a common front against ‘global aggressors’

G7 Exteriors

London, December 11 (EFE). The British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, chaired a meeting in Liverpool (North West England) with her counterparts from the Group of Seven (the most advanced economies) this weekend, and she will ask them to “a joint confrontation and against the global aggressors”.

On the first day of talks this Saturday, Truss will urge his colleagues from France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan and Canada, as well as the European Union, to show “unity” against “evil behaviour,” such as Russia’s “attitude toward Ukraine,” outlined in the memo.

It will also urge them to provide more financing to developing countries in order to offer an alternative to China’s economic support, which puts 44 low- and middle-income countries in debt to Beijing “at more than 10% of their gross domestic product (GDP)”, the London Department adds.

In the last face-to-face meeting of the G7 members during the annual British presidency, attendees will touch upon other issues such as “the crises in Burma and Ethiopia and negotiations with Iran over its nuclear programme.”

He explains that several ASEAN countries, as well as South Korea and Australia (in person) will participate on Sunday as guests, physical or in person, in a reflection of the growing importance of the Indo-Pacific region. notice.

“This weekend, the most powerful democracies will take a stand against aggressors trying to undermine freedom and send a clear message that we are a united front,” Truss said before the event.

“I want the G7 nations to deepen our ties in trade, investment, technology and security so that we can defend and promote freedom and democracy in the world,” he added.

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