UK signs extradition order for Julian Assange to US

Priti Patel The British Home Secretary, this Friday, signed an order Delivery Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, of the United States, according to the Department of the Interior. The North American country had requested his extradition to stand trial for crimes Spy to leak thousands of confidential documents.

Delivery has already been approved by London Court of Appeal judges On April 20 released Extradition order for Australian journalist to the United States for consideration by the UK Government.

The Ministry acknowledges that “the courts of the United Kingdom They did not determine that extradition was an oppressive, unjust, or procedural violation to Assange”, so they had to give their consent to the operation.

This decision was carried out despite the fact that Assange tried to persuade the British courts to prevent his extradition.Under the pretext of ill health and the harsh punishment that may be imposed on him.

Black day for press freedom and British democracy

For their part, WikiLeaks clarified that this news indicates “A black day for press freedom and British democracy”. Moreover, they confirmed it Assange will file an appeal against this decisionwhich is expected to prolong the process.

Similarly, the organization made it clear Julian Assange face possible 175 years in prison When prosecuted in the United States.

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