UK resumes use of coal-fired power plants due to gas crisis

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The UK, in the face of rising gas prices, has had to get to work in recent weeks Coal-fired power plants to ensure supply of electricity in the country, which may delay its efforts to transfer energy to face the environmental crisis.

“In recent weeks, some coal-fired power plants Had to turn it onincluding units at the Drax power plant,” British energy company Drax said in a statement.

Coal-fired power plants, especially polluting, “played a vital role in keeping the lights on all the time.” The power system is under great pressure“he added.

Drax, operator of the country’s largest coal-fired power plant, located in Yorkshire, originally Planning to move away from fossil fuels in 2021 and replace it with biomass.

But the company indicated that It would expand the use of charcoal if necessary To help balance the power grid damaged in recent weeks, its manager Thursday told financial times.

This could hamper the British government’s commitment to ditch coal completely by October 2024. The country hosts COP26, the global climate conference, in Glasgow in November and is betting on carbon neutrality by 2050.


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