UK: Port of Aberdeen receives government funding to study Port Zero

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The Aberdeen Harbor Received over £200,000 from UK government to accelerate its path to Net Zero by 2040.

The Port Zero feasibility study, which is part of Round 2 of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC2), will consider future port energy requirements, and evaluate low-carbon energy sources for equipment (eg, cranes, tugs, pilot boats) and mooring infrastructure ships, and help develop a roadmap for decarbonizing port operations.

The study conducted in partnership with Power Systems Slingshot, Connected Place Slingshot and Buro Happoldaligned with emissions reduction targets published in the Department of Transportation’s Clean Marine Plan.

The project partners also aim to develop a “Regional Strategic Advisory Group for Ports” to address challenges across sectors for decarbonization. The group will agree on priorities, develop a solution roadmap that delivers optimal life-cycle emissions reduction, and work to address policy gaps that impact the implementation of broader regional decarbonization initiatives.

The Port of Aberdeen is also collaborating on the feasibility study of the CMDC2 Green Shipping Corridors led by ACUA Ocean, which has designed a zero-emissions vessel powered by liquid hydrogen, capable of crossing the open sea and carrying a payload of 4.5 tons.

The shipping study will develop a project plan for the world’s first demonstration of a trans-shipment of hydrogen emissions from the port of Aberdeen to Norway in 2024, a potentially economically important green corridor shipping route.

CMDC2 was launched in May 2022, funded by the Department of Transport and delivered in partnership with Innovate UK. As part of WCDC2, the Department has committed over £14 million to 31 projects supported by 121 organizations across the UK to conduct feasibility studies and collaborative research and development projects on clean marine solutions.

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