UK: London Midway receives first hybrid landing from first PCTC Auto Advance

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Peel Ports Group and UECC formed a historic moment when the PCTC multi-fuel hybrid battery LNG docked at the London Medway.

The arrival of the M/V Auto Advance was her first in the UK, having arrived from Vigo, Spain, to offload vehicles destined for customers across Great Britain.

Capable of carrying up to 3,600 vehicles on ten decks, the ship is 169 meters long and 28 meters wide.

With virtually no sulfur oxides (SOx) emissions, 85% less nitrogen oxides and 40% less carbon dioxide (Co2) than conventional heavy-fuel vessels, M/V Auto Advance is much better for the environment and is a step forward. In the way of transporting vehicles by sea.

One of three ships of its kind operated by UECC, the vessel has arrived in London Medway where the port continues to operate efficiently despite the congestion problems that have plagued other ports in southeast England.

UECC is a sustainable short-haul ocean freight forwarding company in Europe, providing safe and secure transportation of new cars and light commercial vehicles to 24 locations across Europe.

UECC CEO Glenn Edvardson He said: “We are rapidly building our low-emissions fleet to become Europe’s leading green short-haul carrier by adding these new buildings which, combined with the use of alternative fuels in our existing vessels, will significantly reduce our environmental footprint.

“London Medway handles more than 300,000 vehicles annually as part of our large ro-ro operation, and the UECC LNG hybrid battery ship is an important step in ensuring freight vehicles are as green as possible.” Richard Goffin, Ports Manager, Peel Ports Southeast Ports Group.

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