UK issues first amber extreme heat alert

LondonJuly 19 – The UK Met Office issued its first Amber Severe Warning on Monday, noting that unusually high temperatures expected in western regions and continued high nighttime temperatures were creating potential health risks.

The alert is the first to be issued since the British Met Office launched its Extreme Temperature Warning System in early June to help better inform the public of the dangers the heat can pose.

The Met Office said much of the UK has experienced a heatwave in recent days, but temperatures are expected to continue to rise, with the potential to reach 33C in some parts of the west of the country.

The effects of extreme heat can be many and varied. It can have health consequences, especially for those who are particularly vulnerable, and can affect infrastructure, including transportation and energy, as well as the business community in general.

An unprecedented heat wave this month has killed hundreds in Canada and the United States. Europe was also unusually hot, and floods devastated parts of Germany, Belgium, and other countries.

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