UK is re-certified for MAX

On the same day that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASARe-certification of the commercial operation of the Boeing 737 MAX, The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) made the same decision.

from today, The MAX will be able to operate commercial flights on British soilThe Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement. It became the seventh international regulator to recertify the MAX family, after the United States (FAA), Brazil (ANAC), Mexico (AFAC), Panama (AAC), Canada (Transport Canada) and Europe (EASA).

In the United Kingdom, there is only one airline operating the B737 MAX: TUI, With a fleet of six units. However, many European airlines have or will have fleets of this model, such as Ryanair, which has a large presence in British airports.

The B737 MAX was grounded March 2019After two fatal accidents, 346 people were killed. In November 2020, the United States reinstated the commercial operating license for the MAX. Since then, Boeing has resumed deliveries of pre-built aircraft.

“We are addressing families affected by the tragic accidents of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. This is not a decision we take lightly and we will not allow British operators to return to service or fly over these aircraft, if we are not fully convinced that the aircraft are airworthy and can be operated safely.” Richard Moriarty, Executive Director To the Civil Aviation Authority.

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