UK increases deadline for ‘settlement scheme’ request

  • There are still 400,000 European citizens who have not applied for a residence document

next one June 30 deadline that British government Scholarships for Europeans currently living in the UK to be able to register as residents and keep living in the country. However, to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the celebration of the Brexit referendum, CEO Boris Johnson announced that they will be sending a letter to EU citizens residing on British soil who have not yet applied for their settled (settlement) or pre-settled (pre-settlement) status ) – Depending on whether they have resided in the country for more or less than five years – where they are notified The deadline to request this will be increased by 28 days.

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As explained by Efe Agency, this extension of the term is due to the fact that although it is true that the majority of EU citizens They already asked for it -More than five and a half million-, there are still about 400,000 pending cases. This delay in requesting the case must be justified by acceptable excuse Which argues the delay in the process. This is the case, for example, of those the students Registration for the first time in college or cases People with physical or mental problems or serious health conditions. The ministry indicated that its goal is to be “Flexible and practicalWhen deciding on immigration status.

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Similarly, the Ministry of the Interior also indicated that these citizens are still Perform actions that When June ends, they will have no consequences. British Secretary of State for Home Affairs, Kevin Babysitter Make it clear today that those who find themselves in this situation will not lose their rights and will be protected. Because of the epidemic, the process of treating and getting the condition is slower than expected. However, from the gate The3MillionThe UK’s largest grassroots organization for EU citizens, stressed its interest in those Europeans who “applied before the deadline, but did not receive a Proof of that“.

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