UK: Immingham Port franchises metal recycling company

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Associated British Ports (ABP) Granting a lease to Enicor in Port of Inmingham To export recycled metals.

This is after the recycling company agreed with British Steel to purchase 400,000 tons of iron slag and export it abroad.

Two deep-sea vessels with a total distance of 47,000 meters were organized to send the by-product to international markets. This is the largest scrap export shipment in recent years.

Simon Baird, Regional Director, Humber Ports He said: “We are delighted that Enicor recognizes the importance of Immingham as a gateway to the rest of the world. “The Port of Immingham is ideally located with excellent connections to global markets and will be vital in helping them implement their plans as a business.”

“The opening of our operations at Immingham Quay is a major milestone for the company allowing us to sell deepwater cargoes around the world. We recognize that our first export scrap vessel will be the largest in recent years. We look forward to maintaining a close relationship with ABP in the coming years and pushing to operate Similar sized ships every 4-6 weeks. “We would like to thank ABP for their support so far,” he added. James Powers, CEO of Enicor.

Enicor was founded in 2023 following the acquisition of BW Riddle, a metal recycling company based in Lincolnshire, by KJB Consulting.

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