UK immigration: How the interior of the controversial floating barge on which 500 asylum-seekers will be accommodated


The government says housing asylum seekers in places like Bibby Stockholm will help reduce what they pay daily for hotel rooms.

  • author, Dan Johnson in Dorset and Michael Shiels McNamee
  • Role, BBC News

For the first time, journalists have been allowed on board the Barge Bibby Stockholm, the massive floating accommodation complex that will house asylum seekers in the UK.

The barge is moored off the port of Portland, in southwest England, and will become home to 500 single men seeking asylum in the European country in the coming weeks.

Walking aboard you feel like you are in an old ferry or old motel, like you are in a slightly faded environment of the 80’s and 90’s.

Long and confusing corridors lead to Relatively spacious cabins Which include a desk, wardrobe, safe, TV and large windows.

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