UK hosts Afghan women’s soccer team

The UK is committed to helping those most in need, Children and women at particular risk who fled from Afghanistan Before the arrival of the Talibans. That’s why the British government announced on Monday that it will host a junior women’s soccer team of 35 players.

Okay for the ROKiT Foundation, Charity around the world, these girls’ lives are in grave danger as the Taliban bans women from practicing this sport. So basically said He was the one who helped 35 girls escape With their families, for a total of 130 people.

Regarding the legal status of these people, it will be resolved in the coming weeks, with a government spokesman saying that although they are currently in Pakistan, the British authorities are working. In 35 players visas, so they could soon be in the UK. It is worth noting that 130 people were at risk of being repatriated Because they have temporary visas for 30 days.

However, they did not give details on the duration of the visas granted to the young Afghan women and their families, but they are expected to travel in the next two weeks to the UK. On the other hand, the Lead United Football Club, He also called on the government to grant asylum to girls and On President Andrea Radrizzani, He offered to welcome them into the youth squads to give them a prosperous and peaceful future. While its CEOSeo Anne-Marie Gill praised the good work of the women’s team.

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