UK heatwave red alert for the first time

Conditions The temperature is getting worse In Western Europe, where temperatures have already reached 40°Cwhich caused it United kingdom aired on Friday For the first time in historya red alert for this Sunday.

The heat wave It is most intensely felt in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece and Turkey, causing many fires forest who have Destroy thousands of hectares.

According to international agencies, weather warnings warn of this high temperatures The next few days could reach the countries of Belgium, Germany and even southern Scandinavian countries.

Faced with this situation, this Friday, the Met Office UK Released (Dead) For the first time in history Red alert for next Sunday, due to high temperatures up to 40°C.

He indicated that the country will be affected by hot air mass Originated in the southern part of Europe, the product of the consequences Global warming and climate change.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kate MalthusNote that It’s a record The fact that temperatures rise to 40 degrees In British territory, so in Emergency Committee A set of measures is analyzed to avoid human losses.

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