UK gasoline demand should return to normal in the coming days

After peak consumption due to fear of shortage, oil companies believe that Gasoline demand in the UK It will return to normal in the coming days, relieving pressure on gas stations.

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It all started last Thursday when BP announced that it was closing some of its stations due to the impossibility of carrying them irritable Because there are no carriers to transport the goods to their destination.

Faced with this situation, many drivers crowded gas stations to try to fill their tanks in a virtual confrontation fuel shortageThis resulted in huge queues at service stations and a 500% increase in demand compared to the previous week.

to calm people down BPAnd Coincidence And He. She They issued a joint statement stating that “there are now many cars carrying more petrol than usual” and therefore they expect “demand to return to normal levels in the coming days” and “the pressure will be relieved” at gas stations.

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They concluded by noting that we “encourage everyone to buy the fuel they normally buy”, a trend also noted by Britain’s environment minister, George Eustis, who stated that “the most important thing is for people to buy gasoline as they are. I usually do” because”no shortage“.

The minister explained that “there was some shortage of tankers carrying fuel, but it is quite specific” and from the government was informed that at the present time resorting to the army to transport fuel tanks to unavailable gas stations is ruled out.

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As an initial measure, 5,000 temporary visas have been issued so that foreign drivers can fill vacancies in the next three months, although employers have stated that this is not enough because around 100,000 additional workers are needed.

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