UK freezes $7.6 million from Craig Wright, after losing trial against COPA

UK freezes $7.6 million from Craig Wright, after losing trial against COPA

A UK court has issued an order to freeze part of Craig Wright's funds in the country, after losing the trial against COPA, in which it was decided that he is not the person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto and, therefore, is not the creator of Bitcoin.

The order was issued by British Judge James Mellor, who is handling the case and who sentenced March 14 That Craig Wright is neither the creator of Bitcoin nor the creator of the technology that powers the cryptocurrency.

After losing the lawsuit against the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), Wright is now liable for the costs of the lawsuit against him. However, due to his unethical history and capital movements he has made in recent days, Judge Mellor issued an order freezing part of the funds he holds in the UK, to prevent the Australian businessman from evading the legal costs of the trial. .

Wright has a long history of defaulting on payments

CoinDesk recently reported that Craig Wright transferred shares of his company RCJBR Holding to Singapore-based DeMorgan. This, according to the media, was provoked by the COPA coalition before the UK court, which interpreted it as an attempt by the businessman to evade his responsibilities related to the trial, for which an order was issued to freeze the funds.

According to the ruling cited by CoinDesk, Judge Mellor noted that Wright's money movements understandably raised serious concerns that he was implementing measures to attempt to evade the cost consequences of his loss at trial.

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In the new ruling, Judge Mellor also highlighted that the Australian businessman It has a long history of non-compliance regarding cash payment orders Which was issued previously, in other loss cases.

In total, the amount of money Wright has frozen in the UK is worth 6 million British pounds, equivalent to 7.57 million US dollars. On the other hand, on March 28, the Cryptocurrency Alliance pointed this out Costs associated with the trial The latter amounted to about 6.7 million British pounds, or about 8.45 million dollars.

Craig Wright farce

Wright, who has declared himself as the person behind the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, since 2016, lost to the COPA coalition in the trial that began in the United Kingdom in February, and which was conducted to determine whether he was truly or not. It was Wright who said that he and he invented Bitcoin.

However, after a series of damning evidence presented by COPA and the countless inconsistencies discovered in Wright's statements and testimony, and even the revelations of forged documents he had provided for years, many of which were created using ChatGPT, the court decided that: Craig Wright is not Satoshi NakamotoTherefore, “he is not the author of the Bitcoin White Paper, not the creator of Bitcoin, and not the creator of the technology that drives Bitcoin.”

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