UK firm Zero Carbon Capital closes €23.4 million fund to back early-stage European climate tech companies

Quoted in London Zero carbon capital (ZCC), a venture capital firm that supports early-stage founders, has closed its £20 million (about €23.47 million) fund to invest in early-stage and seed-stage European companies working on scientific solutions for deep decarbonization.

The Fund receives money from various institutional, corporate and individual investors. Includes investors Isomeric capital, Future green investments, Pong compAnd Xantia Clima All Stars.

“We are excited to partner with Zero Carbon Capital given their prior experience in climate technology, coupled with the strong team they have been able to build,” says Chloe Dagnell of Isomer Capital.

“By combining scientific research capabilities with operational expertise at leading technology companies, we are confident that they will be able to identify, analyze and support leading early-stage climate technology companies across Europe.”

Supporting “exceptional” early-stage founders

Led by Pippa Gawli, who has eight years of climate technology investing experience in the US and Europe, Zero Carbon Capital (ZCC) is a venture capital firm that integrates science into its investment philosophy.

According to a statement, Gawley’s experience and passion for climate technology were crucial in establishing the team of investing scientists and formulating the fund’s strategy. This helps ZCC make impactful investments to address the challenges of climate change.

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“We want a future where people thrive on a healthy planet with healthy lives,” says co-founder Gawli. Ecosystems. “We firmly believe that combining remarkable scientific advances with sustainable and scalable business models is the best way to achieve this.”

“Our team is uniquely positioned to catalyze these opportunities early, and support ambitious scientists who are building work to tackle the toughest decarbonization problems.”

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The fund has already invested in 12 companies, some of which include… Ninth level, ionic, NetZeroNitrogenAnd Repair.

In addition to investing, ZCC is also working to build a community of innovators and leaders in climate technology. The company provides strategic support to its portfolio companies, helping them succeed and grow their solutions to reduce global carbon emissions.

This fund is a “significant” milestone for ZCC, demonstrating its commitment to driving investment in climate technology and supporting the development of solutions for the future of the planet.

About Zero Carbon Capital

Zero Carbon Capital focuses on seed investments in companies working to find scientific solutions to reduce carbon emissions. Working across Europe, ZCC supports teams aiming to make a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions, with a commitment to science and environmental stewardship.

ZCC began investing in 2020 with a small fund backing seven early-stage companies. Carbon removal companies in the UK

The ZCC team consists of a diverse group of people with expertise in various fields related to climate technology investing. It is run by the founders. Pippa Gawli And Alex Gawleywho have years of experience in angel investing and technology innovation, respectively.

Sarah Jones, Chloe CoatesAnd Max WerneyEach of them has unique expertise in engineering, chemistry and venture capital, enhancing the team’s technical analysis, research and investment evaluation capabilities.

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