UK extends police powers to disperse unauthorized protests

the British police You can now solve it Unauthorized protests Although its participants, as has been the case until now, do not interrupt the passage of pedestrians or the passage of vehicles, according to a new regulation, in force since Sunday, which Expands powers from the security forces.

The new rules also punish a new crime, which is “TunnelingThese demonstrators, in particular the advocates of environmentthat enter power facilities Digging under the security fences.

A demonstrator convicted of this crime may face a The maximum penalty is three years’ imprisonmentwhile any detainee is in possession of it drilling tools He could end up with a maximum of six months in prison, according to the press agency.

“chaos in the streets”

the new public order law It is an initiative promoted by the Minister of Interior. Suela Bravermanwho regards the new systems as “a defense of the honest worker” against the “disorders of the selfish minority”.

“he chaos What we’ve seen on our streets for weeks is scandalous, and that’s why I’ve given our agents the powers they need to act quickly against these protesters,” he noted regarding recent protests by groups such as Extinction Rebellion also Just stop the oil.

The latter was paralyzed for a few minutes yesterday afternoon Parade pride In London, in protest against the sponsors of the rally, calling them polluters.

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