UK evacuates Britons from Sudan ‘as soon as possible’

This content was published on Apr 23, 2023 – 10:01

London, April 23 (EFE). – The British government will evacuate its diplomatic staff from Sudan “as soon as possible,” a government source said on Sunday.

The source said the prime minister’s executive director, Rishi Sunak, who on Saturday chaired an emergency committee to analyze the situation, expected the evacuation to be “very limited” and would focus on officials from the British embassy in Khartoum.

The government currently advises British nationals to report their presence in the country to the Foreign Office and to stay in a safe place.

“The situation in Sudan is complex and moving quickly,” said Britain’s new Deputy Prime Minister, Oliver Dowden, in an interview Sunday on Sky News’ Sophie Ridge.

He noted that, unlike what happened with the evacuation of Afghanistan in 2021, London has “few resources on the ground” in the African country.

The United Kingdom has historical ties with Sudan, which it ruled jointly with Egypt from 1899 until its independence in 1956, although the country is not a Commonwealth country (British territories).

The United States was the first country to announce the evacuation of its diplomatic staff and family members by air today, while Saudi Arabia did so on Saturday by land and sea. EFE

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