UK: Depressed Tories demand Boris Johnson’s return

In a desperate attempt to revitalize the election campaign and win back some votes, the British Conservative Party has asked the former Prime Minister for help Boris Johnson According to media reports, tens of thousands of letters signed by Johnson will be delivered this week to all voters who supported the Conservatives in the 2019 general election, but are now inclined to defect to Boris Johnson’s Reform Party. Nigel Farage.

Johnson’s intervention comes at a time when opinion polls indicate that a large number of voters have, in recent weeks, abandoned the Conservative Party to support the Reform Party in the United Kingdom, which could cost the Prime Minister’s party dozens of seats. Rishi Sunak. Moreover, the Conservative Party has so far failed to make up the gap of more than 20 percentage points with its own Labor-led party. Keir Starmer.

This is the most far-reaching electoral commitment Johnson has made to date, and his involvement has been limited to supporting individual Conservative MPs, in the form of video messages shared on social media. One of Johnson’s allies told The Telegraph that the former prime minister was still considering campaigning in person. However, at the moment, Boris Johnson is not in the UK: he is on vacation with his wife. curry Johnson & Sons in Sardinia.

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