UK claim to the Falkland Islands to a former Russian president: hypocrites

All British politicians are hypocrites. Russian news agency Interfax reported that Medvedev wrote on the Telegram app.

“The young (British) Prime Minister Rishi Sunak mentioned that there can be no negotiations until Russia withdraws its troops from Ukraine? And this is despite the fact that the Anglo-Saxons say everywhere, casually and improperly? Negotiate with us or not.. it’s A lie, duplicity and outrageous irony.”

Falkland Islands

“It is better for the British to leave the Falklands and give them back to the Argentines. The Falklands belong to Argentina, not Great Britain!” he added.

“And I congratulate the Argentinian national team for the well-deserved victory in football. Continue their career in the field of foreign policy as well!” , Medvedev closed.


This Sunday, in full swing for the Argentine title, Head of the Secretariat of the Antarctic, Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guillermo Carmonahe heated social networks in a crossover with the former British ambassador to Argentina Mark Kent.

Kent, a regular Twitter user, Medium, who used it as a bridge to get closer to Argentine users, shared a picture of a bottle of champagne and three glasses after Argentina’s 4-2 penalty shootout victory over France in the World Final.

“Celebrating Argentina’s victory with French champagne. To the obelisk, my friends!” It was written in several ceremonial symbols, referring to the world championship won by Lionel Scaloni’s team over the French national team.

The message did not go unnoticed at the Palacio San Martin. From there, Carmona picked up the challenge and also responded on social networks with a fiery tweet referring to the issue of the Malvinas Islands and their sovereignty.

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The Argentine official responded, along with the hashtags “#Malvinas” and “#LasMalvinasonargentinas.”

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