UK calls on Israel to 'not respond' to Iranian attack and 'think with its mind and heart'

He asserts that the attack “constituted a double defeat for Iran” and calls for a “focus” on Hamas and Tehran’s “malignant influence” in the region.

Madrid, April 15 (European Press) –

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron called on Israel on Monday to “not respond” to the missile and drone attack carried out by Iran on Saturday, and noted that “it is time to think with our heads, as well as with our minds.” the heart”.

“If you were in Israel tomorrow, you would think, quite appropriately, that you have the right to respond to this, and that is true,” he said, although he emphasized that he hoped “there would be no answer” and called for that. To focus on the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the hostages in Gaza.

He added: “I understand that there are people in Israel who want more, but it is time to think with the head and the heart as well. Be smart and tough too. The smart thing is to admit that the Iran attack was a failure.” He added, before emphasizing the “massive scale” of the Iranian attack using “301 weapons,” including “110 ballistic missiles.”

Thus, he stated in statements to the British Sky News television network that the attack “constituted a double defeat for Iran,” because “it was almost a miserable failure and they showed the world that they are the evil influence in the region.” “Ready to do so.”

However, Cameron avoided condemning the recent bombing of the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus, which he blamed on Israel and led to the deaths of seven members of the Revolutionary Guard, which Tehran gave as the reason for its attack. Attack on Israeli territory.

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“This is something the Israelis decided to do,” he added. The British Foreign Secretary said: “I completely understand the frustration that Israelis feel when they see the Revolutionary Guards and the terrible things they have done in the world, including the support they provide to Hamas.”

For this reason, he stressed that “the eyes of the world must turn to Hamas.” He defended, “They are still holding hostages, and they have been offered an agreement. Prisoners in Israeli prisons can be released in exchange for some of these hostages and there will be a cessation of fighting.”

“This is what needs to happen and this is what we should focus on,” Cameron said. He reiterated, “We want to focus on that and the malignant influence in the region, and move towards analyzing what is happening in Gaza and liberating the hostages, including the British hostages.”

On the other hand, he noted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has “good judgment about many things,” although he noted that Israel’s refusal to allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza in the context of the attack and the launching of rockets after the attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7 October 1st is “wrong”.

He revealed, “We have been frank with the Israelis that they need to open the corridors and allow more trucks (loaded with aid) to enter.” He concluded by saying: “I think it was an error in judgment not to open Gaza to aid sooner. We had this discussion with him (referring to Netanyahu) and now he said this is something that will happen.”

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