UK announces advisory to ban disposable plastics

According to Environment Minister George Eustis, the aim of the proposal is to reduce the use of all single-use utensils to avoid further environmental pollution.

Eustis said there is a growing recognition of the damage these organisms are causing to our environment and marine ecosystems.

Figures cited by British authorities estimate that in England only 1.1 billion plates and 4.2 billion disposable cutlery are used each year, but only 10 per cent is recycled.

Under the government’s plan, which has already banned the use of plastic straws, scrapers and cotton swabs, manufacturers of these items and consumers will have to look for more sustainable alternatives.

It’s also considering putting away wet towels, cigarette filters and other disposable containers, or at least forcing producers to put labels on them that explain the safest way to dispose of them once they’ve been used.

The announcement comes a week after the British Parliament passed the Environment Act, which allows it to ban the manufacture and marketing of all single-use plastics.


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