UK and Vigo unite borders through language

A total of 72 observers met yesterday with Mayor, Abel Caballero, at an information meeting for the “Vigo in English” programme, where more than 2,400 students in Year 3 and 4 of ESO will experience a three-week experience outside Spain and master it taking English lessons in classrooms or academies. The necessary screen number, together with other English-speaking managers, will add a total of 200 specialists who will take care of the students and help them with everything necessary. The mayor indicated that all students who applied to enjoy this language scholarship and met the requirements this year have been accepted, stressing that in Vigo there are “no waiting lists” for learning English and such vivid experiences.

The first to travel to Great Britain will be on the 2020 list. 767 students who have been paralyzed by the pandemic, will be able to enjoy this scholarship awarded by the local government. To this are added 814 beneficiaries from 2021, who will depart for their destination in mid-September. Students who have confirmed their trip for this course, a total of 801, are expected to travel in the first two weeks of October. The deadline for those who have been confirmed is still open on the council’s website to accept or decline the assignment.

“Vigo en Inglés” is a program where ESO students 3rd and 4th stay for a period of three weeks, with full board and with original families in a home in one of the identified English cities. While they are participating, reinforcement and improvement classes for English, the second most spoken language in the world, are held in classrooms where they will share their studies with other native students.

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