UK Analytics Join T-MEC

He hopes to forge an alliance with Washington

Britain’s environment minister said Wednesday morning that the United Kingdom is not ruling out the possibility of joining the Mexico-US-Canada trade agreement, if a bilateral exchange treaty is not reached with Washington.

George Eustice told Sky News cameras, in response to a question about the possibility of London joining this trilateral agreement (T-MEC), which replaced the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). North): “We don’t rule anything out.” It is preferable to have a bilateral trade agreement with the United States.”

Since its exit from the European Union (Brexit), which finally ended on January 1, the UK has highlighted its ambition for free trade agreements with the aim of developing its strategy for a “global Britain”.

It has already made about sixty agreements, mainly with Japan, but London is very aspiring to be able to sign one with the United States.

But US President Joe Biden only said Tuesday that “discussions continue” when he received British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the White House.

However, the British leader insisted on Wednesday that there are “strong prospects for a free trade agreement with the United States”.

He added in front of the cameras in Washington at the moment that the Biden administration does not conclude free trade agreements in the world, but I am convinced that a great deal can be reached.

Meanwhile, Johnson added, “We are taking practical steps to help our exporters,” announcing that the import of British lambs into the United States will soon be banned.

For his part, his minister, George Eustice, indicated that London “does not have a deadline” to determine its common points with Washington.

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“We are still waiting for it to be completed, but there is no need to rush,” he added, adding: “We do not need it before the next elections” scheduled for 2024, “but of course we would like to formalize it.”

Boris Johnson told Sky News on Tuesday that London would act “as quickly as possible”, without saying whether a deal could be reached before that deadline.

Mexico also tried to agree to a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom, so as not to lose the tariff preferences it had with that country when it was part of the European Union, a condition, by mutual agreement between the two countries, that will continue through 2021.

Source: France Press agency

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