UK 4-Day Workweeks Pilot Program

“I also want to live this dream, without Paul”: A few days ago, in the UK they were experimenting A trial program of four-day workweeks and full paySo here we tell you how they are.

UK Four Day Workweek Pilot Program

According to the information received from TargetThis UK pilot program consists of People have only four working weeks of work.

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In other words, instead of having only two days off, there will be three days, but with the great advantage of working only four days, They will continue to receive their full salary without any modification.

However, as we told you at the beginning, it’s, for now, just an experiment Coordination between the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Boston College on labor productivity.

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What is this experience?

In the trial program for four working days per week Three thousand workers from the United Kingdom participatewhich is also part of the 70 companies that decided to join the trial.

Yes, employees belong to large companies, technology companies, but also small companies such as fishmongers… Objective? Find out if workers’ productivity on the new working day is greater or worse.

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But not only that, because they also study how it affects factors such as matchmaking or the weather. In this regard, Boston College professor and project leader Juliette Shore explains: “This action is a triple dividend: It helps the employee, the company and the climate.”.

How are they so far?

According to the information received from Dr..Some people involved in the pilot program think it’s a bit complicated to compress work procedures into just four days, But the truth is that it’s not a big problem.

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In addition, other companies such as the Royal Society of Biology consider that the experience will help retain employees, since British companies suffer from a huge shortage of staff, while there are more than a million vacant jobs.

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