UJI and UA’s Institute of International Economics discuss the latest studies on globalization, energy or the environment

The Interuniversity of International Economics of the Jaume I of Castellón and the University of Alacante organized from 14-17 June 2022 the Arnoldshain XVII Symposium and X Meeting on International Economics, in which the University of Valencia is also participating. The goal is to expose the latest research on globalization, energy or the environment and to exchange ideas among staff dedicated to its study, both from staff with recognized standing and experience and young graduate researchers.

Notable speakers such as Professor Andy Mackay from the University of Sussex (UK), who studies development economics, particularly in relation to poverty/inequality and how these policies (trade, financial, etc.) are affected, are participating in this edition. ; Professor Sven Beinert, from IRE | BS Competence Center for Sustainable Real Estate at the University of Regensburg (Germany), specialist in real estate and real estate; o Rohini Acharya of Regional Trade Agreements Division, Policy Review Division, WTO in Geneva (Switzerland), who has reviewed the trade policies of Australia, Egypt, India, New Zealand or Singapore and has carried out the first China Trade Policy Review.

The activities will be held at the University of Jaume 1, the city of Vila Real and the Universidade de Lacante. More information and the program on the web: https://iei.uji.es/2022/06/01/arnoldshain-seminar-xvii-and-x-meeting-on-international-economics-jun-14-17-2022/

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