UJI and CEU in Castelln will have mathematical sciences from next year – Castelln News

The planting Class in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences in Castellon it will be reality The next session 2021-22 at Universitat Jaume I and CEU Cardenal Herrera With th Processing in just a few steps of completion.

It is that the university administration informed this Monday the Valencia Council for Higher Education of the transfer A proposal to teach this degree in both centers to the Consell plenary session, This is going on One of the last operations to do. Thus, the intention passes Granting the final mandate before next MayAccording to regional sources, the new procedure, which has now opened, will last for two months.

The District Adviser Carolina Pascual, He explained after the announcement, “We had a goal Speed ​​up certification approval procedures, In order to be in the month of May and thus universities have more safety and can implement their plans to recruit students.

This way it will be seen Soon after, it culminated in a long process, Especially in the case of UJI as collected The Mediterranean Sea In recent years, to add the degree to the training offer. The The first attempt began in 2008, Even though it was Parked After years Shortage of funding The curriculum is already ready. However, in 2018 She chose the university Treatment reactivation, That continues to date on Delayed by a year due to the epidemic.

The Dean of UJI, Eva Alcón, Describe the progress of the procedure as “Very good news»He reminded that the request is part of strategy Institutional Complete the show With degrees that are “attractive, contribute to further differentiation and exclusivity, and meet the social requirements for qualified training with academic rigor.”

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Also , Vice President for Studies and Education, Isabel García Izquierdo, He argued that the degree “corresponds to A. Highly needed professional file To manage physical activity in the broadest sense, from professionalizing exercise, promoting health and well-being or even managing sporting events. “

In case skyWhat or what He’s been waiting for permission for four years, The Secretary General of the University Jose Manuel Amegé, He stressed that expectations will “soon” obtain the official confirmation of applying the degree for the next year after receiving it in previous training.Many unfavorable reports failing to obtain permission». In addition to engaging various Public and private entities To the county at the address mentioned above.

More scores

The launch of the .. the start of the .. the take off of the Other new degrees During the next session in Castellon Still on the table. The university department mentioned yesterday that The rest of the grades required for the study stage Awaiting receipt of the mandatory reports. UJI hopes to get the green light for Certificate in Robotics Intelligence, Which already has an accreditation by Aneca.

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