UEFA has opened an investigation into the European Premier League: it assesses how Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus will be punished

Metal figure of a soccer player with a ball in front of the words “European Premier League”, April 20, 2021. Reuters / Dado Rovic /

The European Premier League A new chapter opens after the penalties you published UEFA Last Friday against Nine of the twelve clubs The founders of this project are truncated at the moment. This was confirmed by the highest body in European football in recent hours Disciplinary proceedings were opened against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, The three entities still under the circle of this tournament that sought to bring together 20 important clubs from that continent in a new competition.

As I mentioned EFE AgencyUefa confirmed this A disciplinary investigation has begun Due to a possible violation of its legal framework by these three entities within the framework of the project called Superliga which they officially announced on April 18th, although after 72 hours there was a mass exodus of founders as a result of complaints and threats of sanctions.

According to Article 31 (4) of UEFA’s disciplinary regulations, the European Union’s inspectors for ethics and discipline Assigned today to conduct a disciplinary investigation regarding a possible violation of the UEFA legal framework by Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona and Juventus FC With regard to the so-called Premier League project, “the body was texted in a statement it issued.

Although it had already warned of potential sanctions, UEFA began taking action against Premier League theorists last Friday. Through a detailed dump, it solved that Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Inter, Manchester United, Manchester City, Milan e Totham They will have to donate € 15 million to “children, youth and grassroots football in communities across Europe, including the UK” and lose 5% of UEFA’s revenue for one season. In addition, if they can participate in another private project, they will have to pay a fine of 100 million euros, and if they do not continue to join UEFA after 2024, they will pay 50 million euros.

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These nine clubs understand and accept that the Superliga project was a mistake They apologize to the fans, the national federations, the national leagues, the European clubs and UEFA. They also realized that the project would not be authorized by the laws and regulations of UEFA, “as they expressed to UEFA.

At that time, they had left the door open to start this process against Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona. He reserves all the rights to take the measures he deems appropriate against those clubs that have so far refused to resign Into the so-called “Premier League”. The matter will be referred without delay to the relevant disciplinary bodies in UEFA. “

Immediately, these three entities They deplored Pressure, threats and crimes To leave the fully armed competition.

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