UdeC signs an agreement with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation

Promoting bidirectional activities of academic training, linkage, extension and dissemination, with a focus on the field of biological sciences, is the main objective of the cooperation agreement signed between the University of Concepcion and the Undersecretary of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of Chile.

This Thursday, a symbolic ceremony was held signed by the Rector of the University of Concepcion, Dr. Carlos Saavedra Rubilar, and the Regional Ministerial Secretary for Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Dr. Sofía Valenzuela Aguila, representative of the Undersecretary.

The university’s Vice President for Research and Development, Dr. Andrea Rodriguez-Tastes, also participated in the event; Dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, Dr. Jorge Fuentealba Arcos; Vice Dean Dr. Fernando Martinez; And the Director of Guidance and Environmental Linkage at the same college, Dr. Magdalena Cuevas Troncoso.

In this regard, the Rector of the University, Dr. Carlos Saavedra, noted that “this specific agreement between the Undersecretary of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation and the University of Concepcion is embodied through the work of the Faculty of Biosciences to implement the work and generate the knowledge that has been developed at our University to the various municipalities of the Biobío and Ñuble region, to celebrate Also on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the College, it is very attractive as part of this permanent connection between our university and the territory in which the possibility of bringing children and adolescents closer and communicating with them is located.

The agreement will be valid for one year, with the possibility of renewal, and its main focus stipulates carrying out scientific publishing activities in the field of biological sciences, to enhance teaching in public education institutions in the region. From Biobío and Ñuble.

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Credit: Communications Department

Dr. Sofía Valenzuela, Regional Ministerial Secretary for Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, explained that “for us as the Ministry of Science, this is a very important and relevant agreement, since it is in the field of bringing science and knowledge” to be created within universities in different municipalities, in this case 30 municipalities. “In the Biobio region, especially small and rural municipalities where scientific knowledge rarely arrives through recreational activities and conversations by academics.”

Dr. Seremi Sofía Valenzuela also highlighted that “for us, it is very important for us in the field of decentralization that our President Gabriel Buric asked us and that we are absolutely convinced that it is very necessary and we believe that in this way we also raise the invitation of boys and girls who have little opportunity to learn about science and realize that Science is a part of their lives and that it has always been around them, rarely visible.

In this line, the University of Concepcion, through the Faculty of Biological Sciences, is committed to its participation in the planning, coordination and implementation of extension, communication and service programs and projects for the community.

The Dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, Dr. Jorge Fuentealba Arcos, emphasized that the Faculty has a commitment to social relations with the regions: “The Faculty of Biological Sciences has worked for a long time to associate itself with the regions, to bring science towards the regions, that is, to centers far from urban centres; And to enhance young people’s interest in the development of science, so that they learn about the excellent science that is offered at the university, and ultimately motivate them to look to the University of Concepcion as the place where they will develop their training and future careers.

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“We feel very committed to being able to bring science to schools far from Concepcion and our campus, so we are very committed and our professors are 100% attached to the mission of demonstrating excellent science,” added Fuentealba University Dean, Dr. Fuentealba. .

In this way, the agreement signed by the two institutions constitutes a framework for mutual contribution to the development of joint actions aimed at promoting and implementing bilateral activities.

Among the initiatives included in this cooperation are workshops, talks, laboratories, training and seminars targeting students and teachers, in addition to providing educational materials and educational resources to develop scientific activities in the classroom.

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