UdeC Science students present the results of their summer research – Commentary

As part of the results of the eighth forum of Summer Research Dolphin ProgramHypothetical method, I implemented it a few days ago Colima University, students College of Science This study house presented the results of their research experience.

In the work table Dedicated to the fields of physics, mathematics and earth sciences, 8 Research that and University students Conducted for 7 weeks under the supervision of different scientists Mexican Universities.

for this reason, Alejandra Aguilar’s photo His summer focused on analyzing the areas most likely to give birth volcanoes Through the “Spatial Analysis of Volcanoes in the Maskuta Field”. for this part, Perla Garcia I selected ‘variance in distribution Lagoformos (Hare and hares) in the central highlands of Mexico”.

In basic science investigations, students Janelli BautistaAnd Alma Ramirez NS Miguel Soto They focused their research on “3D wave equation solving”, “class equivalence and coordinated class rings” and “atomic meltdownIn graphene material, respectively.

On the other hand, in the fields where mathematics, probability and statistics can be applied, they have also made specific investigations. for example, Valeria Hernandez Analyze the engineering of gold nanoparticles for application in medical problemsIt analyzes characteristics that can improve patients’ therapeutic response, as well as monitors clinical studies.

for this part, Paula Galvez We launched the “Binomial Model Applied to Valuation of Financial Options” analysis, which allows us to understand the behavior of stocks in stock trading. for this part, Victoria Valdez used Mathematical models To balance salaries between employees and their work, based on the carrier’s grades.

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finally, Lamberto Castro Ars, world Sonora UniversityHe congratulated them for participating in the research, and asked them not to leave these issues aside and associate them with them Bachelor’s thesis.

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