Uber is trying to charge a Briton of 40,000 euros for a domestic flight

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Is there anything worse than bad hangover?

Opening your eyes and feeling like the world is collapsing on you, nauseous just thinking about your morning coffee, are the obvious symptoms of a night of obvious excesses that affect later.

But the situation could be worse.

Oliver Kaplan, a young man from Hyde, a town in the Greater Manchester area, finished his shift and decided to take a little beer With his friends they order an Uber.

The service cost him £11 (about $12) and the ride was uneventful. As usual on the podium, one gets out of the car and forgets.

This Kaplan took for granted, but after turning off the alarm the next morning, the cell phone had an unpleasant surprise in store for him.

A notice from Uber urged him to pay off a debt, and get a seat, $40,000 on his last trip. As you can imagine, as soon as I woke up, horror mattered and gave way to disbelief. What was going on?

The system warned him that his (debit card) refused this fee, which we don’t think will surprise anyone.

This young man showed nerves of steel, called Uber support and reproduced Manchester Evening News:

“Can you help me? They tried to pay me $40,000 for an Uber ride.”

This nonsense was such that the protagonist avoided further explanations: there could be no expensive platform ride unless one decided to go to the underworld with a chauffeur.

And wait, because that apparently happened.

From the support, it was confirmed that at some point in the collection process, the system specified the destination in Australia, rather than United kingdom The program applied the corresponding fees.

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Fortunately, from Uber The aforementioned charge attempt has been cancelled He proceeded to bill the real amount (just over £10), apologize for it, and a team of engineers investigated the event.

The fear was there, but Kaplan thought out loud: what would have happened if the balance of this Briton and the card of this Briton had accepted and processed the payment?

It is possible that this young man is now embroiled in a fight against the system in order to plead guilty to this unjustified charge and the repayment will certainly not be immediate. As he himself admitted, “I would have been completely broke.”

Another reflection that Kaplan offers that must be elevated to the highest levels of programmers for these platforms, is: How can the system accept a destination located on another continent? We can confirm that it is a software design flaw and can be easily resolved, but the fear and bad time, once you charge the right amount, no one takes it away.

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