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In the admission process for spring 2024 session, The Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx) has opened a preparatory course for applicants to study Bachelor of Surgery, For the purpose of preparing them for the entrance exam in the next admission call.

on, Serafin Ortiz Ortiz, Dean of UATx University, He explained that the preliminary targets applicants who want to obtain more information about the medical aspect, and who will not have the units, values ​​or credits for admission to the university or bachelor’s study.

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He specified that the course was held to prepare them and obtain greater knowledge of the profession, but that it would not provide them with any guarantee in sitting the entrance examination scheduled for the fall session of 2024, which call will be issued in May and studies will begin in August.

Therefore, though Career as a surgeonIt appears in the current invitation for the spring 2024 intermediate session, which will begin in January, that they have not opened the entry process, Just register to attend the preparatory course.

He explained that this course is free and voluntary For those interested, but young people who did not attend this training will also be able to participate in the admission process for the fall 2024 session and will take an entrance exam in July.

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He revealed that the preparatory course was spontaneous and for those who wished to attend, as as of last Friday, 80 young people had registered, and with this number the class will be closed. He also indicated that they do not have sufficient capacity in the course facilities. The degree taught in College of Health Sciences, Guardia District, Zacatelco.

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Regarding the admission process for the spring 2024 session, he noted that they issued the call recently, and therefore those wishing to study at UATx for the intermediate period have not yet been registered. They did not offer the 45 bachelor’s degrees that make up the university and opened registration only for 26 options.

He finally pointed out that the university is approaching the enrollment of 20,000 students, male and female, between bachelor’s, majors, and postgraduate studies.

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